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End of an Era

May 11, 2013

Trying to consolidate my online presence, and thus streamline my extracurriculars. So I’m decommissioning a few of my sites.

But first I’ll note that I will continue actively updating Typophonic and Book Worship, in addition to this one.

I will also maintain my studio site, Hazen Creative, Inc. of course, and I’ll be putting all my personal work together in a new site soon. Standalone projects like Abstruckt and Chicagotype will remain active.


So, I’m saying “good bye” to the following sites:


Probably my most popular blog after Book Worship. But I just can’t keep it up in the way it deserves. Sorry people! It’ll stay archived up there, though.



The Flavor
My longest-running blog, and the URL I’ve owned the longest. I’m working on something better to use it for. It’s archived up there.



Sad to see it go, I love the nerdy sci-fi bent of the stuff I posted here.



This was the collage-oriented work. I’m also taking down Antarctica, which was for more stripped-down, geometric stuff. Soon, I’ll be posting my personal work all in one place.



Hall of Records
Bet you didn’t even know about this one! I’ll just put any record posts here instead.

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