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Stuff I’m reading or want own.

Out of Print


Just stumbled on this trailer over at The Casual Optimist. “A documentary by Vivienne Roumani about ‘the turbulent and exciting journey from the book through the digital revolution,’ will première at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 25th.” [vimeo clip_id=”54234607″ width=”600″ height=”337”]

Obsessed with these books


I’ve read these:   These are on the way:   These are in the queue:     Here’s a full list of ’em.

Be a sexy librarian


Love this.

Lotta books


My office kinda looks like this, though the books are arranged much less artfully and deliberately. (By Colombian artist Miler Lagos.)      

Be fun to hang out here for an afternoon


Vennesla Library and Cultural Center, Norway. Via Designboom.

Father’s Day


I love my family. And I love that they gave me the some wonderful gifts for Father’s Day. But ironically, in the Hazen Household, both Father’s and Mother’s Day have become a day to celebrate the joy of being kid-free—some might call it “Me Time”, but let’s call a spade a spade, shall we? Normally […]

The Next in the Series…


Just found out that this will be released May 25. Looking forward to reading it, as the first two were pretty entertaining…



In SF and visiting one of the best book stores ever: Kayo Books. It’s not really my BookWorship style stuff, just a great place for oddball paperbacks.

Art for Obama


Here’s the book that my poster and type installation are in.

3 More Logos for the Book


Just found out that the LogoLounge Master Library is going to include 3 more of my logo designs. The ones below. That makes for 7 all together, including the ones posted here.