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Our Trip to Washington


We just got back from an extended trip out to Seattle and Bellingham, to visit my mom and my sister, respectively. Sister (Julie) and her hubbie Mike just had their first baby, Madeline. Here’s everyone gettin’ all up in Maddie’s business: There was a lotta getting back to nature: Lastly, here’s Mom pushing 2 generations […]

Another Haul of Records…


Looking at my blog posts from the last couple weeks, one might conclude I have a bit of a problem… Sam invited me to join him at a great little record show in Michigan. Of which there are many, apparently. Uh oh. Listening to “Fear of Music” right now. Brilliant.

Country Livin’


Had a blast this weekend up in Whatcom County hanging out in the country. Here’s Cormac running through the tall grass… More pics to come on Cormac’s site.



Visiting my beautiful former hometown. Why’d I leave here again?

First Day of School


In loving memory of Santos, May 1, 2002–August 20, 2012




Loving this track by the new musical project of Dan and Terri (who I know from my days in the Bay Area). Dan’s an amazing guitar player, but he’s actually handling the keyboards in this band. [soundcloud url=”” params=”auto_play=false&show_artwork=true&color=009aff” width=”100%” /]

Haul of Records


My pal Sam was passing through town and stopped by for an epic day of record shopping. Here’s my take—many of which (Les and Eddie, for example) I would have missed were it not for his sagelike presence…

4th of July


Thanks to items such as The Smoke Cabinet:   and The Smoke Factory:   Yesterday mostly looked like this:   Though there were a few other POPular items:   And much excitement over nature’s own firework, the humble firefly:   And of course there was plenty of fooling around and eating:   All capped off […]

Cool off…


Cormac is outside right now terrorizing the neighborhood kids with a hose:   And terrorizing the cameraman, too…