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Cormac’s Birthday


Yet another party at Chuck E. Cheese. This time for Cormac’s 5th…

Annual Trip to Goebbert’s


Made our yearly family trek out to the Goeb’s to pick out pumpkins and generally mess around in a farm-themed setting. Several new attractions this year, including the ability to completely bury ones self in corn (or almost completely, as shown.)

Our Trip to Washington


We just got back from an extended trip out to Seattle and Bellingham, to visit my mom and my sister, respectively. Sister (Julie) and her hubbie Mike just had their first baby, Madeline. Here’s everyone gettin’ all up in Maddie’s business: There was a lotta getting back to nature: Lastly, here’s Mom pushing 2 generations […]

New Shirts


Banansaurus Rex T. Concept by Finn…   And we did a Catbot for Auntie Julie’s baby shower, and just got one for Cormac. Not so sure Ozzie approves…

It’s alive!


Check out Cormac’s new web site:

Something’s Coming…


A new project—a long-overdue collaboration with Cormac—coming soon…



Happy to be the subject of Finn’s first infographic. (And equally happy that the data portrays me in a positive light.)

This is gonna last us awhile…


Cormac Shooting the Tube


Goofing around during our annual visit to Goebbert’s Farm for pumpkins.

Be a sexy librarian


Love this.