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Bill Cosby talks about drumming


So good:

A proud designer-father


Found this on the bottom of Finn’s schoolwork. A budding type designer?



Lotta books


My office kinda looks like this, though the books are arranged much less artfully and deliberately. (By Colombian artist Miler Lagos.)      

Take THAT!


An epic battle just took place in our kitchen! (and in Photoshop…)

Cute Overload


Cormac’s hilariously cute school pics…    

Unused Veterinarian Logo


Was just tidying up my hard drive when I stumbled across this proposed logo for a local veterinary hospital I did some work for recently. They changed their name/acronym as the project progressed, but this version was when they were using “Chicago Veterinary Group.” Too bad. I like this little fella.

Street of Weird Little Houses


While running an errand up north just now, I saw an old hotel sign I wanted to snap a picture of, just off Milwaukee Ave. I ducked onto a side street to hack a U-ie and discovered something equally intriguing: this block of odd little boxy houses…      

4th of July


Thanks to items such as The Smoke Cabinet:   and The Smoke Factory:   Yesterday mostly looked like this:   Though there were a few other POPular items:   And much excitement over nature’s own firework, the humble firefly:   And of course there was plenty of fooling around and eating:   All capped off […]



Cormac and I just got back from the zoo. The polar bear was awesome. Though he came a little close for Cormac’s comfort.