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Another Haul of Records…


Looking at my blog posts from the last couple weeks, one might conclude I have a bit of a problem… Sam invited me to join him at a great little record show in Michigan. Of which there are many, apparently. Uh oh. Listening to “Fear of Music” right now. Brilliant.

Wow: New Sigur Rós


The new album “Kveikur” is fantastic. Big, menacing sounds and their signature epic, soaring moments. Stopped me in my tracks.

Must be record season…


More?! Father’s Day found me with the day off and a record fair to attend…

Yesterday’s Haul of Records


A haul like this is inevitable when Mr. Sam @Grawesome comes to town. And these are all from one shop: Oak Park Records.

Funky Friday


Streaming the new Daft Punk over at iTunes. An epic disco freakout! The first few tracks have some of the sleaziest guitar playing ever.

Iceage @ The Empty Bottle last night


Best described as an onslaught of sound. They put on a good show.

Collect All 4


Holy blast from the past. My friend Micah just got in touch after years and years. He was the drummer in my early-90s band Collect All 4. He had a buch of boombox or 4-track recordings of us. Here’s a couple for your enjoyment. I’m playing guitar and singing back-up…   [haiku url=”″ title=”Collect All […]

Obsessed with these books


I’ve read these:   These are on the way:   These are in the queue:     Here’s a full list of ’em.



“Re-Vinylized” is a 30-minute documentary about independent record stores in Chicago.

Introducing Death Monkey


The first track from the new collaborative musical project between Finn (age 7) and Cormac (age 4). Finn Hazen: Drums & Vocals Cormac Hazen: Keys & Vocals Produced and Engineered by Shawn Hazen. [soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&show_artwork=false&color=009aff” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /] Cover art by Cormac. Logo by Finn.