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End of an Era


Trying to consolidate my online presence, and thus streamline my extracurriculars. So I’m decommissioning a few of my sites. But first I’ll note that I will continue actively updating Typophonic and Book Worship, in addition to this one. I will also maintain my studio site, Hazen Creative, Inc. of course, and I’ll be putting all […]



Visiting my beautiful former hometown. Why’d I leave here again?

In loving memory of Santos, May 1, 2002–August 20, 2012


Gridness Redesigned


Subtle redesign of one of my most popular blogs.

Yeah, Another Blog


It’s kind of a cross between two of my others: Hall of Records and BookWorship. It features record cover art, but as the name suggests, it’s about covers with striking or odd typography. It’s just getting rolling, but there should be plenty to keep it going.

Robotcha featured in the Spreadshirt catalog!


This is the company that produces the shirts, using Finn and me as a case study. (Click to see it bigger.)



Just put this new print/poster up at the Ye Olde Hazen Shopppe. It’s essentially the “Kidbot” shirt design from Robotcha run amok. It’s available through ImageKind.

Hazen Type


I simplified the site for Hazen Type. Made it match the one-page-wonders I’m doing for my other sites.

Remake of one of my favorite movies?


I was horrified when I saw just now that there’s going to be a remake of “The Thing”, which in its 1982 incarnation (above) is as near a perfect sci-fi horror movie as you can get. But then I read it was a a miniseries sequel (on the SciFi Channel) by Frank Darabont who is […]

Live in Europe!


The people at Spreadshirt Europe contacted me after this story went up about my US site. They asked me to open a shop for their European customers, and then proceeded to feature us in an email sent out to all their European customers! (here’s that email). So the site’s live now—Robotcha is international! (My favorite […]