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End of an Era


Trying to consolidate my online presence, and thus streamline my extracurriculars. So I’m decommissioning a few of my sites. But first I’ll note that I will continue actively updating Typophonic and Book Worship, in addition to this one. I will also maintain my studio site, Hazen Creative, Inc. of course, and I’ll be putting all […]

Wood Type Prints


Finally (sorry John!) picked up the rest of my prints from last year’s trip to the Hamilton Type Museum and printshop. Here’s a detail of one of my little prints. More to come!

Today’s Soundtrack


Sitting here working with this playing makes me wish I had an ashtray at my desk. Via @Grawesome

Unused Veterinarian Logo


Was just tidying up my hard drive when I stumbled across this proposed logo for a local veterinary hospital I did some work for recently. They changed their name/acronym as the project progressed, but this version was when they were using “Chicago Veterinary Group.” Too bad. I like this little fella.

Oh the horror


Just helped Redbox launch a little Valentine’s Day promotion on Facebook. There are numerous movie-genre-themed valentines you can send out, but this one, by far, is my favorite. Not only did they “go for it”, the idea came from them! And I designed less splattery versions, but they liked this one! Bless their disgusting souls. […]

Hazen Type


I simplified the site for Hazen Type. Made it match the one-page-wonders I’m doing for my other sites.

Live in Europe!


The people at Spreadshirt Europe contacted me after this story went up about my US site. They asked me to open a shop for their European customers, and then proceeded to feature us in an email sent out to all their European customers! (here’s that email). So the site’s live now—Robotcha is international! (My favorite […]

Interview with me and Finn




Some curly and swirly type for Northwestern’s latest poster.

Chicagotype is back!


Well, it never left. But I let it languish for far too long. So I revamped it to be better-lookin’ and easier to use. And there’s new images up there, too. Now that it’s fixed-up—and on an easier-to-maintain WordPress platform—I hope to add to it more frequently, like I used to. Check it out!